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I would highly recommend Sir Cezar of SME Soft to anyone who is interested in PMF training.

He is an amazing instructor. He delivers the material clearly and easy to understand.

– Rodenna Botabara

One of the most interesting courses I’ve done so far. I gained a lot of techniques to implement, not just in the office, but also in my personal life.

– Jasper Pastrana

The PMF training is an excellent course not only for PMs but for everyone. Sir Cezar is a great trainer and His presentation of material was excellent. I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues and looking forward to attend some of their other training offers.

– Jeanie Guiang

Informative and the speaker is open for the question of the participants.

– Karen Albarracin

Thank you for sharing us your knowledge.
Trainer is great. He knows what he is saying.

– Marites E. Martin

The content given was more than I expected for a refresher seminar.
It was well discussed.

– Marylyn Machate

Very Informative! Looking forward to attend Project Management Essentials.

– Carreon Magnolia

Bitin? But very informative and useful!
Not boring at all! The timing is just right. Not too long, but not too short.

– Marfa Abu

The topic is very helpful and maybe apply to our work
Allot more time in WBS discussion. Give more example or more activities in identifying WBS.

– Carlyne Peralta

The training is very informative since it covered most of the basics one should know in order to fully understand and use MS Project.

– Krisna Muena

A member of

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